Your dedicated Social Media Content Manager for just $399 a month.

Standout in your local market with a customized social media content plan created by your dedicated social media content manager.

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Step One

Sign Up

Get started in less than 2 minutes by completing our hassle-free onboarding form. Share essential details about your real estate brand, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding to customize your social media plan.

Step Two

Account Activation

Connect your social media accounts that you want us to manage by following the instructions provided. Your social media account manager will review your accounts and reach out if anything else is needed to gain access.

photo of a real estate agent connecting their social media accounts to their social media marketing manager
a photo of a real estate agent giving feedback to their social media manager.

Step Three

Brand Analysis & Feedback

To create effective and engaging content, we analyze your real estate brand, market, and target audience. Our team then will create a custom content plan and send over the content each month for your approval and feedback.

Step Four

Schedule Content on Autopilot

Here is the easy part, sit back and relax! We manage your social media, creating awesome content to grow your following to generate more leads, and you get to focus on what matters most, your real estate business. Get peace of mind knowing that you are posting strategic and relevant content that works!

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Grow an online presence that stands out from the crowd.

Strategic Social Media Content

We elevate your brand’s presence with a dynamic blend of strategically crafted content, meticulously tailored to captivate and resonate with your target audience. We go beyond mere posting to ensure your brand stands out, delivering relevant, eye-catching, and engaging content.

Social Media Optimization

Our team crafts compelling posts infused with carefully chosen keywords and hashtags, ensuring that your content not only attracts more eyes but also reaches the right audience. From optimal posting times to leveraging the best hashtags, we leave no stone unturned to maximize visibility and engagement.

Social Media Growth

Organic social media growth through our hands-on approach. We engage directly with users who exhibit a genuine interest in your brand, fostering meaningful connections. Our clients witness substantial increases in follower count and post interactions, as we diligently cultivate an active and engaged community around your brand.

Dedicated Social Media Manager

Get paired with a dedicated social media manager who truly understands your brand. With their in-depth knowledge, they will create content tailored specifically to your brand, market, and audience. Benefit from personalized attention as they work with you closely, addressing any questions throughout the process.

No Bots or Automation

We never rely on bots or automations to generate your content. Every piece of content we produce is meticulously crafted by our team of seasoned marketing professionals. With real humans at the helm, we bring genuine expertise and industry knowledge to create compelling, authentic content that resonates with your audience.

Monthly Progress Reports

Stay informed about the progress we make by receiving monthly progress reports. Gain valuable insights into the growth and performance of your social media presence, allowing you to track the results achieved. With our detailed reports, you’ll have a clear view of the positive strides we’re making on your behalf.

Relying on editable templates WON’T grow your following or generate leads.
These templates were NOT designed with your real estate brand in mind.

See what is included in the monthly program.

Autopilot (Content Posted For You)

$ 399/ month

Get access to your own social media marketer to create and post for you each month.

  • Dedicated social media manager

  • 5 posts per week (max 20 a month)

  • 4 social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business)

  • Engaging captions with Call-to-Actions

  • Optimize hashtags

  • Content marketing strategy

  • Monthly analytic reporting

  • Access to our platform with PRO access

  • Access to digital & print marketing templates

  • Access to additional templates like Sold, Just Listed, Market Reports, and more.

Get your questions answered.

Simple click get started here or anywhere on this page, create your account and fill out the intake questionnaire.

Once you sign up, simply complete a brief onboarding questionnaire. We will then send you instructions on how to link your social media accounts with your dedicated account manager. Within 1 business day, your dedicated social media manager will reach out to you and kickstart the process of enhancing your brand presence.

Please note that it typically takes an average of 5-7 working days before your first captivating posts go live, tailored to captivate your audience and make an impact.

Our plans are built upon the tried-and-true strategy developed and utilized by our social media content platform, karuvi. Rest assured that every aspect of the content is carefully tailored to your unique real estate brand. Our dedicated team crafts diverse content formats, including captivating images, engaging videos, informative resources, and more.

Each piece is meticulously created from scratch, ensuring originality and alignment with your brand’s specific needs and objectives. The goal of your social media content plan is to make your the go-to source for your community.

There are not hidden costs, no set-up fees, and no contracts. All plans are month-to-month. When you create your account and subscribe, the price displayed is the final price.

Yes, all packages include social media account setup for all supported platforms.

All posts will be sent to your to get your feedback and approval before they are published.

Absolutely! You have the freedom to continue posting on your social media pages while availing our social media manager services.

In fact, we encourage it. We’ll even provide you with guidelines on the best posting practices that seamlessly complement our planned strategies. This way, you can maintain an active presence while aligning with our optimized approach for maximum impact.

While we cannot guarantee sales or leads, our social media management services significantly increases probability of generating leads and converting those leads into clients.

Social media has emerged as a crucial driver for creating brand awareness, which in turn contributes to leads and more closed deals. It’s important to note that leads and sales outcomes are influenced by various factors beyond social media, such as customer reviews, lead follow up, lead capture systems, and more.

By leveraging the power of social media, we boost your brand’s visibility and engagement, ultimately increasing the potential for more leads, clients, and deals.

No. All of our social media marketing services are done in house by our own seasoned marketing professionals.

If you are looking for other services not offered in this package, please reach out to us for a custom quote. We are a full-service marketing company providing web design, graphic design, branding, video editing, video creation, social media management, CRM integration, systems integrations and automations, and so much more.

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You’re a real estate agent NOT a digital marketer!

Sign up to get your dedicated social media manager
and put your social media on AUTOPILOT!

You’re a real estate agent NOT a digital marketer!

Sign up to get your dedicated social media manager and put your social media on AUTOPILOT!